Fear of flying?

People who fear flying hang on to their seats, sighing in relief when the plane miracously touches down. I guess a lot of the anxiety related to flying comes from not being in control, not knowing a whole lot about what's going on or what keeps the airplane flying. How airplanes actually fly, remains a mystery for most people. Some even thinks that pilots wrestle with the controls and go to work each day in fear of their lives, thus making them really brave people. But being a pilot is something people train very hard to be, and hundreds, and thousands of hours flying, eventually makes flying second nature to the men and women in the cockpits. And the airplanes are safer than any other kind of transportation.

Check out this video, where a totally relaxed (and focused!) Wideroe crew prepares and executes takeoffs and landings. Even in these challenging conditions (mountains and weather) these professional pilotes are on top of the situation, at all times. If you have fear of flying, feel free to comment on this post!

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