Wideroe - leading regional airline of Scandinavia

(Photo: Wikipedia.)
For many in Norway Wideroe is the preferred transportation when it comes to reliability and swift transportation between smaller communities and cities. The company has been around for decades, and the white and green livery of their aircrafts is a familiar sight for many. Operating under harsh conditions, and considering the millions of hours flown over the years, the company has had few accidents and incidents. The most noticable ones was during its era of operating the Twin Otter. In later, Dash 8 years, the only incidents have been a few hard landings where landing gears have collapsed (or rather, the safety bolts in the landing gears have broken to prevent more serious damage to the wing structure).

In this video a Wideroe crew makes an incredible job landing a Twin Otter at Vaeroy airport. In the eighties a Wideroe Twin Otter was caught in severe turbulence on climb out from this airport, and broke up and crashed. This, and the generally dangerous conditions made by the nearby mountain and turbulence, led to the close down of this airport.

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  1. Fun video made by Wideroe crew: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2k7uhj3AuE&sns=fb


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